Guerrilla Music Marketing

Our successes reach to the very tops of the industry, from #1 hits on the charts and GRAMMY award wins to millions of YouTube views and digital downloads. By employing disruptive, cutting edge techniques, brand-building know-how, social media savvy, and connecting you with our unparalleled network of influential media contacts, we are able to create a multi-faceted platform from which to successfully launch artists into the music industry.  Below we showcase starter budgets for artists looking for more exposure.


Campaign - silver PLACEMENT $2,500

  • Phone consultation w/ Label Executive of BeatBopper Music

  • Entry to Celebrity/Indie project w/ 1% on album sales

  • 1 Song Music Review for Album/Single

  • 1 Major Magazine Write Up (Specific to Genre)

  • Radio ad on 5 Stations (2 Spins a Day - 90 Day Campaign)

  • Social Media Advertisement for 3 Months



  • Virtual meeting- meet music Executive of Amada Records

  • Entry to celebrity compilation project (See Example)

  • 2 Song music placement for album w/ 5% on album sales

  • 2 Major magazine write ups (specific to genre)

  • Radio advertisement on 10 stations/5 spins a day/6 months

  • Social media advertisement for 6 months

  • Produce 15 sec & 30 sec radio commercial for advertisement

  • Music Submission to Sony’s Head A&R (Feedback + Consultation)



  • ATL Face to Face Meeting - Meet Music Executive of Amada Records

  • Entry to Celebrity Compilation Project (See Example)

  • 3 Song Music Review for Album w/ 10% on Album Sales!

  • 3 Major Magazine Write Ups (specific to genre)

  • Radio Advertisement On 15 Stations (5 Spins Per day / 1 yr)

  • Social Media Advertisement for 1 yr

  • Produce 15 sec & 30 sec radio commercial for album

  • Get mentioned on Billboard magazine article (See Example)