3 Mistakes Artist Make Selling Music

The music industry is a very sticky business but worth it once you understand your niche of a fan base. Many factors can make the artist money but millions of artist don’t know how to go about it. Most artist and producers make the same mistake.

Mistake #1 Upload Prayer Request

We think that CDBaby, Tunecore, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, or any of the other excellent distributors out there will do all the heavy lifting for us. Yet 99% of artist wish their music will get heard when they upload new music to a worldwide distribution company. Then go to bed and make an Upload prayer request to The Music Gods. Then guess what happens to you all?

Your awesome song gets lost in that giant sea of music.

So the best way NOT to make any money from your music is to upload it… and pray that you hit the lottery too??

“Upload Prayer request ” is not a strategy that works… yet that’s exactly what 99.9% of indie musicians do.

Listen-there are over 30,000,000 songs available for purchase, download, or streaming.

Makes more sense to take advantage of services from a distribution company like Vip Recordings that actually distributes while marketing your music along with several other services. Music Media Platforms Like Hush Media Networks, The DJ GRID or Grind Weekly can build your social music collateral amongst music viewers in your niche.

Mistake #2 Signing a Record Deal

Do you know that almost All Music contracts do not benefit you the artist more so the the label. There goal is to recoup all money earned regarding their music. And noticed I said their music because in reality you don’t own that music and in some cases I have heard artist owing labels back. Believe it or not, this is still a popular method. Because musicians are conditioned to think that once you sign a record deal, all of your problems are solved.

Money!! Money!! MONEY!!

The struggle is over.. It’s all limousines, mansions, yachts, and fitness models w/ Jay Z.

In fact most music label contracts are the worst in the world. Here’s another gut-punch. Record companies have become experts at adding on expenses and charging them to the artist. When a record company exec flies in to see you perform, you shouldn’t be flattered. The best bet is to Sell/Market yourself and own your work or jump on an Independent platform like Amada Records or BeatBopper Music where they support independent artist and create ways for the artist to make money.

Mistake #3 Assuming That Social Media will make you famous

We can reach roughly a zillion people instantaneously using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Isn’t this obviously the way to make money with our music?

Well… I wish it were.

But no. Not by a long shot.

See, it turns out that social media is amazing for entertainment and building relationships one-on-one with other humans. But social media is terrible if you want to encourage people to buy anything.

It has just never lived up to the hype. Despite all the promise, social media has never delivered the goods.

In fact, social media is 20 times worse at generating sales than the tried-and-true method. But many companies like Hush Media Networks are actually defining those odds. Hush Media Networks generates 90% of their revenue through social media. What most artist forget to do is establish a platform around themselves. Then finding companies like Beach103fm to back them up on radio while networking with Luxe Weekly to feature your new merchandise or clothing line.

One thing is certain these 3 mistakes can hender an artist productivity and thus enabling them not to make money.