Beatbopper Announces Vip Recordings

With new Distribution companies popping up almost every year, many are offering the same services. While most Distribution companies offer great distribution services many lack in customer service. The majority of artist complain that it’s hard to actual talk to an agent and get their questions answered. Many companies also rank low on additional services to help artist. “And that’s why I created Vip Recordings” states Dj Choice. “We are focusing more on customer service while implementing new marketing services to fit our clients needs.

Distribute Your Music Worldwide

Build a Catalog with VIPs, NOT an Annual Bill

We have a $199 distribution fee for original music, and you can license covers (FOREVER) for a one-time fee of $99.99 per song. You always keep 95% of your net digital revenue and are free to release as much music as you want without worrying about the rising or repeating costs of keeping your catalog available online. Distributing with VIP Recordings gives you an engine NOT just distribution. Every release is not only distributed to stores, but also distributed to digital radio stations and magazines.