Music Marketing In 2020


RUM DMC is one of the most iconic HIPHOP artists ever. They broke down several doors to open HIPHOP for what it is today. Billions bought RUN DMC”s album across the globe. These doors opened up for artist like Snoop, Ice Cube, BIG, 2pac, Method Man to my man LL COOL J to Jada Kiss. These artist went straight to the streets and sold their music..selling music out they car and they had accessibility to pioneers in the game that schooled them on the music game.

In 2019, you can’t even talk to the pioneers in the game bc they to big. So can those same tactics work selling music out of your car?? Sure..but many not doing that. So many are forgetting how the pioneers did it. Many have the internet to do that for them. Also, in today’s world, YOU MIGHT GET SHOT BY POLICE, just selling music from your car and who’s taking that chance?? But we do it.

So ask yourself how do you sell your music?? Several -really multiple ways of selling your music. But MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR MUSIC LEGAL BEFORE SELLING!!

For starters find a great platform..I suggest creating your own platforms..notice I said platforms…you will not make it just going on Facebook, Twitter or IG selling your music. And stop Thinking that a music label like Amada Records, Music Gods, Universal, Republic and others will come out of the sky and sign you!! No! The chances of that happening is 0 to none. Only 2% gets signed to major labels. It’s a small amount. But it’s 21% of actual independent companies that are truly making great money.

Today due to the internet there are various tools but one must use there entrepreneurial spirits of being creative of selling your music. At Beatbopper along with Hush Media Networks, we believe that old tactics just wont work with today’s kids “states owner Michael Hudgins of Beatbopper. “Back then artist went after it..”They drove everywhere to make a sale, to meet an executive or perform. Now you can’t get these kids to leave the house bc of the Internet.” What’s important, just bc you have that entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t mean you know to how to master the web and how to market music. So it’s a balancing act as to finding the right platforms while being creative in your selling techniques. And I don’t mean putting your music in World Star. Not knocking World Star bc they have a great platform. But who will pay attention to you and how do you get a better ROI on World Star?? “That’s where companies like mine come in” states “Dj Choice CEO of Hush Media Networks. Dj Choice explains that they will develop a platform for you and get people knowing who you are from a PR stand point. One thing is certain. Beatbopper & Hush Media Networks is the only independent company that can actually sell your music and is proven bc major labels use them. As of today, They are coming out with at least 4 albums this year. And while their Album Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica album hit billboard charts for 19wks with 4wks at #1 last year…Beatbopper and affiliates still must create new ideals for tomorrow”s new technologies and thats why they succeed. Contact them today and get your professional advice and how to make money.